Friday, February 11, 2011

Window Dressing

Years ago I sewed every week. I made clothes for myself and the kids. When they got old enough not to want to wear home made clothes I moved on to craft projects, doll clothes and dress-up items. Lately the only sewing I do is repairs and curtains.

I found a great deal on clearance curtain panels months ago so I did some calculations and ordered enough to do my front room and living room with extra panels to cut into valances. I brought the machine down and I spent the last week sewing off and on.

The panels are a synthetic and required hours of ironing which caused back pain. In the end I'm happy with the way they came out and very happy to have put the sewing machine away for now.

The last owner left the original paperwork on the place here and our front room is called a "gathering room." It's the main entrance, long and narrow. What on earth do you do with a room like this? This house is much larger than our home in New York but has only two bedrooms. I don't know how much company we'll have at any one time but I'm thinking we'll use the room as an extra bedroom with either a futon or air mattresses. I do plan to put some furniture in the room but I'm in no hurry.

I added panels to the archway between the front room and living room so they can be separated as needed.

The valences mostly cover just wall. I wanted to both hide the trailer style windows and give them the illusion of more height.

1984 Twin, Homes of Merit


  1. I like how they turned out and I think you made your goal of giving them more height.

  2. Very nice, what a great idea. Hope you are enjoying your settlement phase down there!

  3. They look great!

    I hope you are staying warm. We're in the deep freeze at the moment. The bus stop sure was cold the last couple mornings!

  4. She is nesting! Wonderful job Apple~

  5. I like the futon idea, I would put two instead of a couch. You could have a reading area or put in a desk with the coputer. Is this room near the kitchen, you could put a table and chairs and use it for dining?

    Its big enough to use for two separate uses. Good luck..

  6. It's looking good! I like the color.

  7. My grandmother would have called that room a "davenport." In hers, which bears strong resemblance to yours, she had a few couches, TONS of books, an exercise bike and all the kids' games. It's where I read most of my books. I think I read every single one in her collection.