Monday, March 07, 2011

OTV Launch

There are several rocket launches from Cape Canaveral every year. On Saturday we watched the launch of a Atlas V rocket carrying the Orbital Test Vehicle. I am my mother's daughter, I love anything having to do with flying and space.

The launch was originally scheduled for Friday but delayed due to weather. We followed the launch both days via webcast on the United Launch Alliance site. Just before the launch we turned on the TV because the website is on a slight delay. Just like with Discovery, after we watched the lift off we walked out to the driveway and watched. When Discovery launched all the neighbors also walked outside and lined the street. For this launch we were the only ones on our stretch of road looking to the sky. Not as spectacular as the shuttle launch but cool to see all the same.

Discovery is scheduled to land on Wednesday. I doubt we'll be able to see it from here but if we don't drive over to Titusville we'll sit outside and watch for it anyway. Then there is another rocket launch scheduled for Friday.

[Picture of the OTV from Wikipedia]

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