Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snail Kite

I was sitting out in the screen room today and saw a large bird on the roof across the street. It had a red beak and red legs which I found unusual so I came in to grab the camera and of course while I was inside it flew away. I came back in and grabbed my bird book and think it had to be a Snail Kite. I told John what I'd seen and said he'd seen a pair of large black birds earlier.

It came back and this time I had the camera handy but he really didn't want his picture taken. This was the best I could get.

The Snail Kite is on the Federal Endangered Species list so I am pleased to see them here. I don't know if they are attracted to the golf ponds or the Econlockhatchee River. Perhaps they'll be back tomorrow.


  1. On the endangered list, gotta love that!

  2. Apple, it's been such fun catching up with you. I'm glad the snail kite came back to get his photo taken :) It must be neat seeing those different birds.
    I wish you could have your spring bulbs down there! They're always such a welcome sight after our long NY winters. This past one was a doozy! We've had some nice gardening days lately but today it was back to winter with a very cold, stong wind and light showers. The rain is heavier now and steady, but at least it's not snow!
    You two have been busy and your new place is looking great!
    You may not miss our weather but I'll bet you miss your family, and especially those kidlets :) And I'm sure they miss you two. Say hi to John for me please.

  3. what a wonderful capture! I'm gonna look that bird up- thanks!