Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Progress

Every 7 - 10 days I walk around the garden and take pictures so I'll have a record of what's where and bloom times. After a year with very little time in the garden I've found that while I still could identify most of my plants there were a few that I wasn't certain of and older pictures helped. The old pictures also solved a couple of cases of how did that get there!?

I've started to make some progress in taming the weeds. Some beds are looking better than others. In a couple of instances I've had to dig out everything to get the weeds out. I've separated out the roots and replanted the plants I was able to save. I will be doing lots more of this :(

I took 90+ pictures yesterday but I'll spare you and share just a few.

This bed is weeded, a couple of plants moved and just awaiting mulch.

This end of the bed is going to take time and lots of digging and moving things around. The sweet woodruff and lungwart want to take over and the hostas are starting to crowd each other. I'd like to move some of the giant solomon's seal further down the bed - it hides the ugly block skirt rather well.

I've made a good start on this corner but I'd like to have something colorful here right now. What shall I move?

These iris are pretty and just past the corner so I think I'll move them when they're done blooming.

I've barely started weeding here but this area is currently my most colorful and therefor favorite spot. Just to the right of the picture is my screen room.

Butterflies are always a happy sight! The humming birds and bees also love the rhododendrons.


  1. Lovely. Enjoying your photos. I can only image what my flower beds will be like when we get home. Do you hear my groans?

  2. The beds look great. The only downside to our recent trip to SC was that we missed the prime blooming period of our irises and peonies - ack!