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Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Whine

The lake-effect machine worked overtime this weekend. We got hit with about 20" Saturday night and another 22" last night. John had everything cleaned out yesterday just to wake up and have to start all over again today. All of the pictures are from today. John was out there at least seven hours today. I struggled to work two.

Not what we wanted to see 1st thing this morning

Pretty, but it is killing the tree

John had to shovel to the pole to have
electricity start the snowblower

It was too deep at the road for the snowblower

The neighbors have plowing service
He was stuck there for about 20 minutes

Shoveling snow off of the top of a car is hard
My back and arms still ache

Several hours later

For now we can get out

Did I mention it was also very cold?
I promised Kerri this picture. Her hat is prettier!


  1. I don't know how you put up with all that snow. If that ever happened around here I'd be headed for Phoenix lickety split!

  2. I'll be headed to Phoenix at 6 am. Nine miles away and they only got 5" :-)

    The warm Phoenix is too far from the grandkids but my goal is to be a Florida snowbird in 3-5 years. Sooner if we get many more of these storms.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of snow. We had snow overnight but only a couple of inches. However my bus still won't make it up my drive - I hand-shovel - spent 25 min. before leaving for route this morning. It hasn't helped much! Oh least the snow is pretty.

  4. Good grief, that's a lot of snow! We had a few people calling and e-mailing their sympathies to us and we didn't get ANY snow! Looks like you got it ALL! John could've sure used one of our tractors to get that job done. Poor guy! Two days in a row is adding insult to injury. Hope he didn't overdo.
    I see you're making a fashion statement in your hat too :) The earmuffs are a nice touch and could be the start of a new fad! You're such a good sport Apple. It's kind of you to share the ignominy with us :)

  5. Now I understand your comments at my blog. You all sure got hammered! Isn't lake effect so strange?! Nary a flake here in Utica until yesterday, and then we got a whopping 2 inches, if that.

    You take care and do overdo in the snow!

  6. OOP, I meant DON'T overdo in the snow! LOL

    but you knew that. ;)

  7. Thanks everyone. John finished clearing the roof today so we're glad we didn't get the snow today. Last time I checked Pulaski was still getting hammered. I think my sister lucked out on this one.

    It has to be hard taking your bus home. I count on the guys at our garage for so much. I hope you didn't get any more today.

    I laughed when I saw some of the comments on your blog and I'm glad you missed out! The ear muffs keep the cap on and visa-versa. I was surprised that John took two days to clear the roof. Maybe he's finally listening to me.

    Mrs. Mecomber,
    I can picture the way the clouds looked from the Thruway. My mother is in Syracuse and as of yesterday could still see her grass. I know you want snow but I'd be thrilled if it would only come 2" at a time.

  8. Most of my life was spent in IL, so even if I don't have to shovel snow now, my bones remembered the feeling when your photos appeared, Apple. Twenty inches fell up there once in awhile...but TWO separate, consecutive snowfalls of 20"? Wow!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Man Apple, No matter where you and John move to you always seem to be in the worst hit areas when it comes to snow! I think it is drawn to the two of you! I was going to suggest you move up closer to me but then

  10. I came over here from Kerri's blog and I'm amazed at so much snow. I haven't seen snow that deep since sometime in the 1960's around here...we're just not that lucky anymore.