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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Tree is Up

I broke with tradition this year and left the tree decorating for kids night. The four oldest were here and they were quite happy to help me out. It kind of became a race to see who could get the most on although they did take a second to admire an ornament that caught their attention. They were very pleased with the results!

Alex, Mike, Nikki and Liz in front.

Bean is the mother-helper in Sprout's class today so Twig is here. He's a tad wound up. Thank goodness the propane truck came today so we had a few quiet moments! Twig was just fascinated by the truck and all the noises it made.


I haven't been sharing much here lately. I'm not loving my job right now but this will pass.

1 comment:

  1. I'm envious of your close access to grandchildren. What fun to have them help you with decorating the tree. It turned out beautifully and I love that photo of them with it.
    Twig is a little cutie. Isn't it funny how little boys are so attracted to trucks and big machinery?
    I hope things get better at work for you very soon.