Friday, January 13, 2006

Kids Night & the rest of the week

We had all four kids Wednesday this week. HN has my end of the day routine down. As soon as I got parked she was up and checking all the seats to make sure that no one was sleeping and then helped me lock up. I think the real reason she likes going back to the garage withme is because everyone tells her how cute she is. BM was looking sharp in his new karate uniform. He and HN were put on KP duty and fixed us a sumptuous meal of chicken nuggets and french fries. DA & AE kept F busy doing puzzles and after dinner we watched half of Rug Rats Go Wild. Thirty minutes seems to be the attention span of the three youngest no matter what movie we pick. They colored, worked on puzzles and played HiHo Cherry-O.

Yesterday we went to visit with mom. Today we went to S's to play with MA. She still won't walk on her own but since she is barely hanging on to the edge of the furniture it shouldn't be long. She's still at the age where she seems to be bigger every time we see her.

I had a great week at work! One of my kindergarteners was out sick most of the week so I was quite surprised Thursday when her grandfather flagged me down two give me two boxes of donuts for the drivers and just to say Hi. This morning he flagged me down again with two boxes of pastry! I hope I let him know just how much his thoughtfullness meant. It is so nice to know that we are appreciated. I have a student who has been stuggling to behave all year and it was my pleasure to let his mom know that he was good the entire week. I give out treats on Fridays to the kids who have been good all week and this was the first time he had gotten one in a long time. We were both grinning from ear to ear.

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