Monday, January 16, 2006

I've been painting

I’ve finally started painting the vanity area of our bathroom. Early last week I brought in the tote with my supplies and hunted high and low for the Wall Magic roller kit that Jae had used in our bedroom. Not finding it I asked John to look through the garage. He checked all the shelves and even started pulling stuff down off the loft with no luck. He checked all of the closets in the house and under both beds. I resigned myself to buying a new one. I looked in the tote one more time and sure enough there it was in the bottom.

I was quite upset with myself, I’ve been doing dumb things like that a lot lately. John didn’t seem mad that I’d had him searching for something I’d already found but he let me know he was shocked at the profanity I let loose with at myself. Anyone who knows me knows that I have to have a place for everything (which has been a challenge in this house) and I almost never swear.

Anyway the walls are done. I didn’t do as good a job blending the colors as Jae did but in my defense two of the walls are only inches wide and the area over the sink is so broken up that there were places the roller just did not want to go. I’ve started painting the trim. It looks like it will take three coats even after I primed everything. A couple of hours a day and hopefully I’ll be done by next weekend.

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