Friday, February 10, 2006

Exile Island - Week 2

I wasn't happy with the way the tribes were reformed this week. If they are going to do a schoolyard pick why have them have to alternate gender? I did like the twist that Bruce, who was picked last and sent to Exile Island, was automatically safe this week.

With all the twists this season I'm surprised to see alliances of four made this early on both tribes. You'd think you'd want to get to know people and try to see who you can trust and who drives you nuts before you agree to try and go to the end with them.

On LaMina it will be interesting to see who Nick and Austin stick with as they seem to have made deals with both Terry & Dan and with Misty & Sally. Ruth Marie was all but invisible. I'd really like to see more of this tribe. I'd would have liked to see some more confessionals about how people really felt about Sally losing the sling.

On Casaya we have all of the odd personalities on one tribe. Courtney & Danielle seem to be rethinking their alliance already. They certainly weren't thrilled when Aras and Shane revealed their alliance and the way that they told Melinda and Cirie that one of them was going home now and the other would be next. I think they should have voted Shane out rather than have to put up with his dramatics one more minute.Is Bobby a mute? I don't recall him saying anything. I still find Cirie annoying. The only one on the tribe that I do like is Danielle. Unfortunatly I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of this tribe.

Concidering that this is the 12th season of Survivor you'd think that anyone going on the show would practice making a fire with flint before leaving. Tina made the fire before she was voted out but nobody can seem to repeat that feat at Casaya since then. Bruce wasn't able to get a fire going on Exile Island. Sally mentioned that it would be bad if she lost the fishing sling and then promtly lost it! Did it not occur to anyone that maybe they should try it out just off the beach several times until they were comfortable with how it worked? I am always amazed at the lack of common sense shown by some of the contestants once they get out there.

All in all I think it will be a good season. I was able to register and play the CBS fanasy game this season. Since prizes are only being awarded to the top eleven places this year I have little hope of winning a tee shirt but I'll have fun playing anyway and I still have my hat from the Palau season.

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