Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Played Hooky Today

Well, not really. I took the afternoon off to take Mom to the oral surgeon. I get several personal days off a year but I rarely take them. I need a legitimate reason to ask for time off, I can't just take a day because I feel like it. Now Mom could have taken the bus and actually she was planning to but I thought it would be better if I took her, so it felt a little like playing hooky.

Since her appointment wasn't until this afternoon I decided to go shopping for MA's birthday. Now I hate the mall, when I do go I park near the store that I want and get in and get out. It never occurred to me that the stores wouldn't be open at 9:15. So I figured they must open in 15 minutes so I started walking. I was at our little country mall, not the big mall that will never be finished, and after one lap my legs ached. Boy I am out of shape. I'll never be able to keep up with F in Florida. Maybe I'll go back and walk a few times before we leave.

Anyway it was tax free week here and the stores had some good sales and some good mark downs. Between what I got today and what I've gotten on ebay HJ will be off to a good start. I wish I knew if M is having a boy or a girl. Most of the stores didn't open until 10:00. Who wants to wait until 10:00 to shop? I guess I will continue to do most of my shopping online.

While I was out doing Mom's grocery shopping I went and got my hair cut. The girl that I got was quite surly. If she doesn't like cutting hair what is she doing there? The woman that usually cuts it for me was off today. I'm not really happy with it but it's nice to have it short again.

Mom's last three teeth rotted and broke off so she had been in a bit of pain but the gums grew over and the pain stopped. She still needs to have the roots removed. The doctor gave her the bad news that he will not put her to sleep while he digs them out. She has to go back in just over a week. She's not happy about it but she did agree to have it done and since it's the last three she figures it will be the end of having to go to the dentist for her. She doesn't plan to get new dentures since she hasn't worn them in more than a year anyway.

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