Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Birthday PJ and MA

Thursday started off badly. I talked to our head driver when I got in and learned that the sub on my route got switched at the last minute on Wednesday. My older kids said that the route went well. When I started the elementary route things went downhill fast. Kids and parents were both upset. Because it would probably be a bad idea to talk about specifics here I will just say that I’m angry about how things went and don’t see me talking any more time off this year if I can avoid it.

Later one of the drivers that I’m friendly with thought it would be a good idea to tell me that one of the other drivers was talking about me. I could have gone all day without this information. Why would she think I’d want to know? Was she just trying to stir the pot to see how I’d react? I figure it’s one of those situations where what I don’t know can’t hurt me. I told her that it’s probably a daily occurrence that’s not worth talking about.


We had kids night yesterday and it went very well. What a relief! The last few times we had all four of them together I felt like all I did was yell. The picture was taken back in the fall and is one of my favorites. It shows the mood of yesterday fairly well. We made fudge and cards for PJ's birthday. We had chicken nuggets and listened to AE tell us after every bite that she doesn't like pizza. I wasn't paying close enough attention during the card making so DA will have purple hands for a day or two. I need to get some washable markers. We tried watching Batteries Not Included but it only kept their interest until they had their popcorn fix. BM and HN colored for awhile and DA and AE worked on puzzles. F and I were exhausted by the time we got to bed.

Today S took me shopping for MA's birthday. It's been awhile since I shopped with a baby. She got heavy fast and grabbed anything that I let her get close enough to. S got her several cute outfits and dresses and a few things for HJ too. MA and I stayed in the car at the last couple of stores while S got what she needed for her party. When we got back to the house we played a lot of "Grandma can't catch me" and she took a few steps across the living room. They grow so fast. It won't be long before she is ready for kids night too. We'll see how she does with her cousins at her party on Sunday.

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