Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Phishing Here

I receieve phishing emails almost daily. They are usually for ebay or paypal. I get so many of these that I automatically send them to spoof@ either ebay or Today I got one for Chase bank. We've only had an account with them for a couple of weeks! It was slick looking but still obviously phishing. I went to the Chase website to see where I should send it and couldn't find anything. After awhile I finally found a phone number and ended up in "press one now" hell. After a full ten minutes I had a real live person on the phone who could not help me. She put me on hold so that I could wait to talk to someone from IT. He quickly gave me the address I needed. It's if anyone else needs it.

I just checked my email again and there was a new one that appeared to be from Amazon. I was able to find on their site how to report it but they have you do so from a form on their site. It wanted me to copy and paste the header info and told me that it was easy to bring this info up in any email program. Well either I'm too computer illiterate to figure it out or it can't be done from netscape mail. I filled in what I could and sent it anyway.

Why can't every company that wants you to do business with them online simply set up an email account with the same prefix? I suggest

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