Monday, March 06, 2006

Catching Up

The weather in Florida was perfect! We spent one morning getting new brakes. The people in the condo behind ours tried to freeze us out with the air conditioning. The bath in our unit was connected to their system. We had other problems with them but I'm going to just let that go rather than take off on a rant. There were plenty of chairs by the pool and plenty of sun so we were good.

While we were gone the pipes here burst from the cold. Thank goodness BJ was checking on the place for us. He got the pump and hot water heater turned off and then met the guy here the next day to have it fixed.

We really enjoyed Cypress Cove. There were hundreds of people there but it never felt crowded. At our campground here 30 is a crowd. We'll concider them for retirement but it is quite expensive.

We took three hours longer to get home than it took to go down beacuse of traffic accidents. Coming home to bitter cold was / is hard. I am so sick of our winters. It is supposed to warm up toward the end of the week and I'm hoping that we see the last of the snow.

We were both still sick when we got home and the cold just seemed to make it worse. We're both finally starting to feel better now. Frank had to change three tires in three days. I had two extra trips and a garden club meeting last week so between that and getting the cars taken care of I'm just starting to feel caught up now.

S & R bought a new house and hope to close this week. Her due date has been moved up to the last week in April so the sooner they close the better for her. They got a great river view! They'll be a lot closer to work and a little closer to our house so hopefully I'll get to see them more often. I'm hoping my overtime is during the week again so I can help her out on Saturday.

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