Friday, February 17, 2006

Florida, Here We Come!

My day was hell today. Winds of 75 mph. Sideways rain. Hail. Downed trees and wires. Crossing arms either stuck so that I had to reroute or broken off so that I had to try and maneuver around them. The power went out between the time I left to pick up the little kids and the time I got to school.

I got to the elementary school and sat there 45 minutes before they made the decision to close. I was parked almost an hour before I was able to head back out to take them back home. An hour spent with 32 scared / bored kids in a 30’ x 8’ space is NOT fun. Thankfully a dozen had either started vacation early or were out sick. Nobody could be dropped off until I was sure somebody was home for them.

After taking those that were left to school for phone calls to be made we were all made to wait for the last bus to arrive so we could take home the older kids. I finally finished at 12:20, six straight hours after I had started; mentally and physically exhausted and extremely frustrated. The frustration came from the fact that nobody wanted to tell us what was going on. I realize that we are just the lowly transportation department but a little common courtesy would go a long way! I am also frustrated with my coworkers for continually asking the same dumb questions over and over on the radio.

They say that the lake effect machine is going to crank up over night so F may have to run the snow blower before we can get on the road.

Florida here we come!

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