Monday, March 27, 2006

It Finally Feels Like Spring!

Today was sunny and warm, well warm for here anyway. We went over to S's after my morning shift and took MA outside to explore. She was quite happy to just walk back and forth and look at the dogs in their runs.

I did some research online before work this morning. Turns out my moles are actually voles. They have pretty much taken over the lawn both front and back and I think they may have gotton my lillies and some of my iris. I've been treating the yard for grubs but voles don't eat grubs. We picked up some poison and I spent the rest of the morning carefully putting the poison down the holes and into the runs that are not open. The poison will also kill birds, dogs and cats so I was careful to put it underground. I'm worried about Cat. I bought the type of poison that should kill them right away so hopefully they'll die underground and he won't catch any of them.

Cat was under the back steps this afternoon when I got home and didn't run under the house while I was gathering the black-eyed susan seeds right by the steps. For a wild cat he looks quite healthy. He stood ready to run but seemed interested in me while I talked to him. (I hope Cat is a "he" as I certainly don't want kittens!)

Most of my seeds have germinated. I'm still waiting on the tropical milkweed and angel's trumpet. I'm going to let the kids start some on Thursday.

Lots of geese in the fields today. I saw a deer crossing the road just before 2:00 which was unusual. I saw a lone male pheasant on a road where I've never seen any before. I'll have to watch that area and see if I can spot the hens.

Over the weekend alot of maples on my route got tapped so spring must really be here!

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