Friday, April 14, 2006


After setting out the poison for the voles we didn’t see Cat for almost two weeks. I was sure that I had killed him. I don’t know where he’d been but on Sunday it was quite obvious that he is a she and she is expecting! If I take her to the SPCA she will probably just be put down. With F’s allergies I can’t let her in the house. Do I start feeding her to help her out after she delivers? I guess if the kittens make it I will try and find homes for them. Then do I take Cat and have her fixed? Do I try and find her a home? Since Sunday she has been gone again. Maybe she has a second home.

Anyone want a very affectionate cat or kitten?

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  1. No thank you, we already have 14! They're all outdoor kitties and they live in the barn. They're all very sweet :) I can tell you're a soft touch for a cat :) I hope she does have another home, but it's strange she doesn't stay there if this is so.
    We don't live far apart, apparently, although I don't know where Snowville is. I'll have to get out the map.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to 'meet' you. I've enjoyed 'getting to know you' a little and will be back to read more another time. Hope you enjoy your Easter vacation. Ours just started today. I'm looking forward to getting some gardening done.