Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Productive Week

We got quite a bit done this week. The weather was so nice most of the week that I wanted to be outside. The bed behind the garage is done. All of the snow mold has been raked. F made me a compost bin from a trash can. Eight or more buckets of pine cones have been cleared from the yard. F got some of Mom's yard work done and I picked up a bucket of pine cones there too, only hers were suitable for crafts so I brought them home! I dug a flat of periwinkle at her house and brought it home and got it planted. I planted some left over grass seed, I'm hoping we've had our last frost but if not I'll cover it (assuming it grows.) Most of the seedlings have been transplanted into individual pots. Some cleaning got done. We caught up some some episodes of Sex In The City on tape. I caught up on some of the genealogy requests that have been sitting in my in-box.

BM & DA were here for a little while on Tuesday and dug up lots of rocks for me. DA insisted on throwing every little shovel full over his shoulder. All three of us quickly had dirt in our hair. I told him to stop and in an exasperated tone he told me that he had to do it that way because that is how they do it on TV! At least he stopped asking to go inside on a beautiful day.

S & R moved into the new house on Wednesday. I felt bad that I couldn't help but the last thing she needs is this virus. MA has settled right in but S & R are exhausted. I'm hoping that the baby waits until her due date.

The kids will all be over tomorrow and then back to work on Monday. The week just flew by.

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