Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Working Weekend

I ended up with an overnight trip this past weekend to the NECGC Championship at RIT. I know I have complained in the past that the Junior Guard team can be too loud but they were very good this trip. The only time they were loud was when they were celebrating their WIN. They brought home the biggest trophy I have ever seen. I congratulate them on a great season.

Because we were traveling so far I was given our newest bus. It has all the latest bells and whistles. I was looking forward to driving it. I had trouble with the seatbelt. I couldn’t reach the main heat control if I had the seat belt on. I thought I was turning off my master switch at the rail crossing when actually I was turning it back on. The blind spot created by the left mirror is huge and I really had to work to look around it. I did enjoy the cruise control. I’m sure that if I had a newer bus every day I would enjoy it but to take for a long trip when I had very little experience with the panel was hard.

Signage and the traffic control people at RIT were terrible. We were backed in a lot about a twenty minute walk from the event which made sense except that there was no shuttle for us so we could not watch the show because we wouldn’t have had enough time to get back to our buses in time to drive back to pick the team back up.

The girls had really been looking forward to using the pool at the hotel. We were told when we got there that it had been drained the week before. The same thing happened to the girls last year. To add insult to injury none of our rooms were ready when we arrived. I got mine fairly quickly but the girls had to wait almost about an hour until all of their rooms were ready. The meeting room they had for dinner and a slide show was freezing.

All in all it was not a great weekend but it was saved from total disaster by their win.

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