Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot again and back to work

For plants that aren't supposed to transplant well and shouldn't be planted in full sun, these are doing fabulously! Bean ripped the two end plants out of her garden last year. They were planted in a very dark corner and took on the shape. She bought me the one in the center and I've moved it twice now. The sweet peas are coming up and will hopefully cover my "trellis" soon.

I didn't get much done today. It was hot and my back aches. John managed to somehow fix the wheelbarrow so hopefully that will help with my back. I feel bad that I didn't notice it when I got home from work. I did plant the bamboo poles and some sunflower seeds close to them. I put in the last of the milkweed seedlings and that was pretty much it. The plan I spent so long working on has been changed several times and I still keep changing my mind. I have decided not to plant the datura seedlings because I've read that they are quite poisonous and I know Alex and Lizzie would want to pick them.

Last week I waved a driver through and didn't recognize that it was SIL. Today, when I walked across the road to work, I didn't realize BJ was coming down the road so he stopped to tease me and say hello. I really need to pay better attention. If anyone else feels snubbed it was unintentional!

I did spend some time looking up the butterflies that have already visited. So far I've had a couple of eastern tailed blue, a small sulfer, a tiger swallowtail, and a pair of meadow fritillaries that seem content to stay.

The road-eo scores arrived today. I did worse than I thought. Congratulations to my teammates who did quite well. No, I'm not going to say just how badly I did; I'm extremely embarrassed!

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