Thursday, June 01, 2006

Shhhh!!!! It's a Secret

Dictionary definition: something kept from the knowledge of others or known only by a few.

My definition: a burden that must be passed on with strings attached.

It seems that lately, especially at work, that everyone has a secret. I’ll be talking to someone and they’ll tell me something about themselves or their family and then follow up with “but it’s a secret, please don’t tell anyone!”

Now had they prefaced our conversation with can I tell you a secret? I would have said NO! I guess they seek me out because they know that I am a good listener and that I don’t repeat things. But I have a hard time keeping track of what is a secret and what is not.

One woman went so far as to tell me that she had only told me and three others. I quickly learned that she had told at least one more. Honey if you’ve told five of us that’s 10 percent of our staff!

And then I get the passed on secret. “So and so told me such and such but she doesn’t want anyone else to know.” My response: So why the heck are you telling me??? Them: Well I thought you’d want to know!

Secrets truly are burdens. We’ve all had them, something that we’re worried about or maybe embarrassed by. It helps to unload part of your burden but then it is no longer a secret!

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