Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rant, Rant, Rant

Well I guess I’ll start with the positive. My friend's son is in a hospital in the states finally. He's going to have a long recovery but he's improving.

We had the kids Tuesday night and they were great. We watched the new Herbie movie and colored. They checked on their seedlings and actually got along well until just before they went home.

I got lots of things planted in a very short period today just in time for the rain to water them in. The clover and sweet peas have germinated; the rhododendrons have started to bloom. I found a really cute little trellis at the dollar store for some climbing snapdragon. I’m really hoping to get some Buckeyes! I’ve got a long way to go but at least the garden is starting to take shape!

But boy have I ever found the last couple of days exasperating!

Tonight I went to my garden club meeting and over all the meeting was great and I promise to write up the details in a day or two. BUT we have our garden tour coming up next month and put out sign up sheets for the various jobs that need to be done. Plenty of people signed up to help with the plant sale but nothing else! Do people really think that those of us on the executive committee can really do it all? I don’t know why I find it upsetting, it’s been like this in every organization I ever been a part of.

I went to Home Depot with the gift certificate that I got for Mother’s Day this morning. They had some sad looking plants! The selection of annuals that were on sale was very limited and the perennials on sale nowhere to be found. I did get the last five strawberry plants that they had, some spearmint and red salvia. Afterwards I stopped at Wally’s World for another pincushion flower and their plants looked great – go figure. Of course trying to get someone to take my money was an issue again.

Twice this week parents called to see if I had dropped off their children and in both cases I had. Both kids turned up safe and sound – the first was at home in her room and the second was at the neighbor’s house because they couldn’t get into their own house. I spent time worrying and trying to track down these kids. Would it have been too much trouble to call back and let us know that the kids had been found?! I suppose it never occurred to them that I would worry.

Well I feel better just getting that out of my system!

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