Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cold but Dry

The rain has finally stopped. The temperature is in the low 50's but feels cooler with the breeze. Here in Snowville we never put away our spring/fall clothes 'cause you never know when you’ll need them. We’re almost half way through June and we’ve had to run the furnace which is frustrating. At the end of May we took the plastic off of the windows and put the air conditioner in which hasn’t helped.

I got outside for a few hours today. Several of the plants have leaves that are turning red, I think from too much water. I now have all of the liatris, blanket flower and datura planted. I’ve put out more seeds; zinnia (a different variety), dwarf morning glory and some bellflower.

This bed next to the garage is done for now. I have all of the mulching done. Some of the plants that are too small to show up in the picture are coneflower, tropical milkweed, butterfly weed and hollyhock. There is also liatris and giant zinnia which I just planted.

This is one of the two stella d'oro lilies that I bought on clearance last July. This one is blooming and the other has several buds.

This is one of the foxgloves that was growing at the edge of the woods. I moved it out front earlier in the week. Somehow I planted it loopsided. The foxglove further down the bed that I moved last year has several buds.

This is where the butterfly garden meets the front bed. In the center of the circle of mulch is a red butterfly bush. I also put some liatris, zinnia and dwarf morning glory here. Those are glads under the window. Still lots of room to fill.

These are the two red astilbe and a couple of coleus. At the rate that they are growing I expect them to fill in nicely.

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