Monday, June 05, 2006

The Count Down Begins

18 days to go and four of them fall on the weekend. The kids certainly are ready for summer break. I got an hour of overtime shuttling the middle school kids over to the high school. The schedule for the rest of the year is crazy; each school will be on a different schedule for tests and half days.

Mike stayed home from school today with a stomach bug. He and Alex were here for awhile so that Angie could get some errands done. Unfortunately I had to go back to work early. They and the girls will be here tomorrow and we’re going to plant zinnia and marigold seeds.

I got the last of the garden ready today. John moved the huge clump of sensitive fern to out behind the shed but before he could do that he had to remove one of the nasty locust roots to keep it from resprouting. I’ve decided that I hate locust trees. They spread like crazy. They don’t have a nice shape. Trees shouldn’t have thorns. They take forever to leaf out and the flowers are messy. We’ve found tons of roots between the garage and the house. Every time I nick a root it sprouts. I’m on a mission to get rid of every one that is still relatively small. The ones in the scrub lot between our house and the neighbor’s are surrounded by poison ivy so John won’t be able to help. I want more maples and white pines. Maybe add an oak or two.

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  1. My biggest problem (other than the dreaded crabgrass) is Nandina. You plant it one spot, and it will shoot up on the OTHER side of the house. Wicked.....