Sunday, June 04, 2006

The End is in Sight!

It has been a drizzly day but John and I got in about 2 ½ hrs of work this morning. I only have two little patches left to dig out tomorrow and then I have to decide what goes where, get it planted and add the mulch. John also got the entire front edged!

Looking towards the back yard. The brown patches either have seedlings or are waiting for seeds to germinate. The bamboo poles are where I planted sunflower seeds.

Looking towards the front. The bed on the right is planted and just waiting for mulch - unless I change my mind again and move something! The bed on the left has lots of bare space to be filled. John's repair of the wheelbarrow is still holding up.

Another instance of plants prevailing despite my ignorance. A woman at work gave me these iris tubers in the fall of '04. I buried them a little under the soil and they didn't flower last year. I didn't realize that the tops should be left above the soil. I smile every time I pass them.

This is the plant we moved from BJ's, still looking a little sad. Is it a hollyhock, mallow or a weed?

My new little garden gnome taking it all in.



  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I like your gnome.

  2. Aw, wow, it's looking beeeuuutiful!! Great job. :)