Monday, June 19, 2006

The Home Stretch

Today was the last full day at the elementary school. Since the middle school is already on half days I had a 60 minute break so I ran over to Bean’s to see her and the kids. Sprout was happy to see me. Twig is getting huge! The last couple of times I’ve been over he’s been sleeping. When I held him today I couldn’t believe how heavy he is.

We went to Nikki’s “picnic.” The class sang a couple of songs and the kids were cute. There was the rumble of thunder during their last song and it was so cute the way most of them stopped singing and they either looked really worried or started laughing. The picnic ended up in the classroom due to the weather and since it was so hot we left right after the songs.

Almost all of the kindergarteners went home with their parents today so I didn’t realize that one little one was on. He never came up at his stop or said anything. Two stops later the other kids told me he was still there. I felt terrible for him, not only did he not get picked up like all of his friends, I missed seeing him get on and he had to ride all the way around until I could go back and drop him off. I gave him several dinosaur stickers when we finally got back to his house. He was less than ten minutes late getting home but I’m sure it seemed much longer to him!

BJ and his family came for dinner tonight because they couldn’t get here yesterday. The boys watched a movie and the adults had a nice visit. This is an older picture but since it is unusual for me to see all six grandkids in the same day, I didn’t want to leave anyone out.

Four (half) days to go!

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