Sunday, June 18, 2006

What A Week!

Kids night Tuesday

I've been going full tilt since Tuesday but enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

Thursday John put the screen house together with very little help from me. It looked beautiful. (I didn't get a picture of it done.)After work we went out and bought more stakes to make it secure and got a bite to eat.
We then went to Mike's end of the year play. He had a speaking part and was so cute on stage.

When we got home the screen house had blown over! There had been a little breeze but no storm. Parts were bent and broken. We set it back up as best we could, assesed the damage and John took it back apart. I managed not to cry as I went online to try and find replacement parts. None were to be found.

Friday I had only an hour between the time I dropped off the elementary kids and line up for the middle school kids, who only had a half day. I was supposed to go to Bean's but as soon as I got back to the garage I was informed that I had won the drug testing lottery. So I spent most of my time waiting in line to pee into a cup.

When I got home, John had rebent and repaired the screen house and we put it back up. We put in the extra stakes that we baought the night before but decided not to put the fabric on until we bought some rope and additional stakes.

On Saturday I had my annual smooshing. Then we drove down towards Homer for a picnic which was lots of fun. Stopped and bought the rope on the way home.

Today I met my sister for lunch and she brought me a car load of plants. The thermometer across the street read 94 degress. We then went with the garden club to tour the five gardens that were open to the public yesterday. WOW! I'll be posting lots of pictures during the week. I got some great ideas. My garden will never be as extensive as any of the ones on the tour. John spent the time I was gone finishing the screen house in the heat.

I got home about 4:30 and spent the next three hours planting my haul. It was hot but I didn't want to risk loosing anything. I finally have a garden!!!!

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