Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm Having a Great Week!

Tuesday I got one of the test runs, 40 miles but only six very nice kids. A beautiful drive on a nice day, we are far enough north that we actually saw the sun. After work we had Nikki, Lizzie and Alex. They got along great. Lizzie promised to be good and she was!

I found out yeaterday that I'm getting a summer school route. I never thought that the seniority list would get all the way down to me. This will change our plans for the summer somewhat but I'll still have four weeks off.

John and I went to Mom's and got her laundry and shopping caught up. We had a nice visit but didn't get much else done for her. On our way home we stopped at Bargain Outlet and bought a beautiful screen house that I think we will use almost every day.

Tonight I went to the garden club meeting and toured two of the members gardens. I learned the names of several plants and added many of them to my wish list including one plant that everyone seemed interested in but no one could come with the name at the time. I've since been emailed that it is "Loraine Sunshine Heliopsis." It wasn't blooming yet, the foliage is striking on it's own.

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