Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sun and Rain

We have sunshine most of the day. The thunder started rolling in at dinner time. It was beautiful this afternoon and all the boys wanted to do was play games.

My ear is still plugged but I am feeling better so I've gotten some weeding done the last couple of days. The garden is finally starting to look good.

A couple of the strawberries have ripened we can eac ahve one. The lupine that one of my parents gave me is putting on new growth. The zinnias are taking off. There really are seedlings in all of the blank space.
The daisies that my sister gave me.
An everlasting daisy. This was marked down so I picked it up. I'd never seen one before. After looking it up I found out that it is from Australia and doesn't like humidity. Yesterday, when I took the picture, was the first time that we had seen it open and it didn't stay open for long!
The daylilies started blooming yesterday. You can see the new screen room in the background. We have high winds today and it stayed up fine.
The front is starting to fill in. It needs weeding and edging again. There are several plants that I hope really fill out next year. The light green is the weed that grows instead of grass. For right now I'm happy that it's green!

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