Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Two to Go

This week is flying by.

Today the parent with the beautiful rock garden gave me one of her lupine plants. I love it. It has the longest tap root that I have ever seen. It must have been a job for her to dig it out. It took me awhile to get it planted and it is looking rather droopy but I'm sure that in several days it will be looking better.

I saw Lizzie this morning when I picked up Nikki. She managed to skin her nose again. Most kids skin their knees but she always seems to land face first.

The kids have been hyper but pretty good. With the half days I have notes posted all over the dash so I can remember who has to go where. I couldn't find enough splat balls for all of them so they'll have to settle for gliders and lollypops.

I've been working at getting my bus ready to turn over to the next driver. I'm getting a newer bus with an air door July 1st. I signed to keep my route in the fall. I'll get my summer assignment in the morning.

I got down to Mom's today to do her shopping and laundry. John and I will go down for a day next week and try to get her weeding caught up. There are so many things that she needs to have done that I will have to make a real effort to get down there more often over the summer and spend less time visiting and more time working while I'm there.

Summer is here and I have a loooong list of projects I'd like to get done. Two rooms still need to be stripped and redone. The laundry room needs to be repainted and the kitchen touched up. I still haven't done my spring cleaning! I'd like to get next years garden beds laid out and mulched so that I don't have so much to do next spring. I have visions of research trips to various cemeteries and libraries. And I need to leave lots of time for summer parties, camping and time with friends and family.

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