Sunday, July 09, 2006

Family Picnic

I can't remember the last time all of my kids and grandkids were all together in one place, usually at least one or two can't make it because of work, so it was great to have everyone here today! The weather was perfect.

The kids all got along well thanks to my niece Edie.

They all wanted to be near their newest cousin.

Twig has doubled his birth weight in two months!

Sprout loved the car but was also frustrated by it because it only opens on one side. She's too young to understand sharing yet but will be playing with the other kids before long.

Lizzie is used to being the youngest and wasn't sure if she liked being the big cousin. Sprout is almost as tall as she is but two years younger.

The kids got to play with the hose and the splat balls. John and BJ played ball with them. When PJ got here he played hard with the kids, each got a turn being swung through the air. Amazingly no bandaides were handed out all day.

He was worn out but they still wanted more.

The kids ended up playing board games in the screen house while the rest of us battled the bugs.

The kids were thrilled to discover one of my resident toads. I don't think he was too happy though! Only a few seedlings were trampled. Everyone had a good time. We made too much food so I won't have to cook all week.

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