Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Flooding

It rained all day yesterday. We got over 4” here. Syracuse set a one day record at 4.92”. So where do you think I was yesterday?

At noon, when the kids were getting out of school, it was pouring. I handed out lots of paper towels.

I then headed down to Mom’s. She said it had poured all morning but it was just sprinkling there for most of the afternoon. The sky decided to really open up again just as I hit the city on my way home. I drove up 81 & 481 with my four-ways on hoping the other cars would see me. The ditch on 481 just south of the mall was level with the road. It was raining too hard for me to see the Oneida as I crossed the bridge. The ditch at my off ramp was full; I don’t recall ever seeing water in it before because it is so deep. One lane of the state road was closed because of high water. I was worried about the swamp on the way home but the new drainage ditch seems to be working.

We watched the pictures on the news. People were driving through flooded streets and of course some cars floated. What is wrong with these people? The one that really got me was the van of local news crew ended up having to be towed out after it floated away. They had been telling people not to drive through standing water. Lots of flooded basements, entire neighborhoods in waist deep water.

The Oswego was well over its banks this morning. The canal system is closed again. It was closed for 8 days at the end of June. They say that they don’t know how long it will be closed this time. This will hurt some of the businesses in town that count on boat traffic. Some of the farms I passed today are going to loose a large portion of their crops that had washed away.

Hopefully we’ll get rain in small doses for the rest of the summer.

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