Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Measuring up

I haven't posted much on my garden lately because quite frankly it just doesn't measure up when compared to all of the great gardens out there. Who wants to see pictures of my beginning attempts? Certainly not my niece - click away Virginia! lol. I have spent all of my life worried about what others would think, and that will never totally go away, but I am really proud of what I've accomplished. Most importantly my garden makes me smile every time I step outside or look out the bedroom window. When I started there was only ugliness.

A long view and it really doesn't look like much. It appears that there is a lot of mulch and not many plants. The perennials are small, some of the annuals I bought died and there are some spots that I haven't filled yet.

A closer look and I am happier. The colors of the zinnias are really washed out in this picture, they are very bright and happy and unbelievably tall! The tallest is now at 4'! The butterflies love them and so do I. They were the wrong choice for the front of the border or were they?

This is what they are hiding. It really worked out that they got so tall as the perennials that I started this year won't bloom until next year. I am saving seeds to grow them again next year in a different spot.

I wanted a place where the kids could be involved. They helped start the seeds and set out a few plants. They've discovered bugs, toads and the snake. They love to run through the paths and have their pictures taken as the plants get taller and taller.

And since this did start out as a butterfly garden I'd say it is a success. The tropical milkweed may never bloom with our short season here but the monarchs didn't seem to care.

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