Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Change is Good?

John has me set up on a new computer. Except for the m & n being worn off it looks exactly like my old one. We think the hard drive in the old one was bad and that it was frying the motherboards out. After having the first motherboard go I was very good about backing things up - for about two weeks. Backing up is a pain! My genealogy program takes up half a CD every time I back it up so we'll be looking for bargains. I will be uploading my trees to rootsweb more frequently and I have starting emailing myself all of my Works files. All of my pictures will be uploaded to snapfish or flickr. Free storage on the internet, you can't beat that.

I do not like change- if it works don't fix it!!!! John and the kids upgrade programs all of the time; I won't let them upgrade them on mine. The only reason I upgrade a program is if it doesn't work anymore and I am forced to. The boys know that if a game they want to play has to be downloaded they'd better ask John or move on to another game. John bought me a newer version of Family Tree Maker when my tree grew to large for the version that I had. Of course they changed how the program worked to make it "easier."

Because he was starting from scratch with this computer all of the programs are the latest versions. Adobe and real player actually work now! I'm done with the netscape browser. The latest version does not work right and crashes all the time. Their new home page is a joke. I will continue to use their email because it would be too hard to change, for now anyway. I only use explorer if there is no other choice so I have "discovered" firefox.

Firefox defaulted to google as a home page and had an extra row of buttons on the tool bar that I got brave and started clicking on. I now have a home page with just what I want on it, my favorite blogs are there so I'll know when there is a new post without checking. The latest news is at my fingertips, no more entertainment world fluff! I finally have a calendar on my desk top and local weather too. I know, you're saying "what's the big deal?" but for me this is huge.

I lost all of my bookmarks as I couldn't figure out how to back them up so now I am finding new sites while I search for the old ones. I wouldn't have bothered if the old ones were still there. (John was able to finally back up my bookmarks but since he used an old floppy I'm in no hurry to load them)

This blog is a big deal for me too. It was easy enough to set up but adding links and pictures on the side bar took me awhile to figure out. Again none of it was all that difficult but it took time to learn. Maybe I'll even learn how to put up a new template. I have started a second blog and will probably start another next year just for gardening.

Maybe accepting change is one of the keys to feeling younger?

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