Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The weather certainly has tanked. I got soaked first thing this morning and have felt chilled ever since. The weather forcast for the weekend is good and I'm counting on one last day at the pool. It's killing me that we've had to run the furnace this early.

The fourth car of the year to run my reds was a weird one. I stopped for a student and the approaching car stopped, right at my bumper. The kid got on but before I had canceled my lights the car drove right on by and then proceded to drive straight through the red light at the intersection. The woman driving was talking on her cell phone, which is illegal in NY. I was amazed that she didn't cause an accident.

One new student and a major route change today but things seem to be settling down at work. The six kids that now have to sit up front with me are not happy campers. Two of the girls complained that they were just a little bad so it was unfair that they had to move up.

I got the Garden Club newsletter out today. I have to decide what to take to the plant exchange next week. I have lots of iris but I'm not sure what else to take. Maybe I'll raid BJ's garden on Saturday.

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  1. I wish we could swap plants!! I am on a new lot, (again!), and could really use some plants!!
    Hope you get loads of good stuff at your swap!!