Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Good to be Back

I've had several good days in a row. Saturday I slept late and did not much. Sunday we had friends over for dinner and several rounds of Sequence. The boys were here for a few hours too.

Yesterday went much better at work. The kids were great. I'm still getting new ones daily and several others are either walking or riding other buses from sitters so the over crowding situation that I anticipated never materialized.

Today was day five so by law we had our first emergency evacuation drill. For years this has been a front door drill but this year it was rear door. Luckily none of my young ladies were wearing dresses. The secondary went well. I covered the entire sheet and then had time to go over a couple of other things.

At the elementary school I ended up covering how to get out the back door, just that nothing else. One kindergartner was in tears until I explained that it wasn't a real emergency and that she only got to go out the back door twice a year. The other kids helped out by telling her it was fun. I tried to go back to explanations and another kindergartner kept interrupting with "How do I get my lunch card?" I told her several times that I didn't know, she'd have to ask teacher. She finally started crying. I finally got them organized and sent them seat be seat. The little one that doesn't speak English got very worried about her backpack. She wanted to keep it with her and I kept setting it on the seat. Due to poor planning on my part she was the last one out so I had to go too, to make sure she got back to the sidewalk. When we got there all but one of the kids were in a nice orderly line. One of the kindergarten boys had decided to wander down the line to see what was going on at the other buses. This group is going to keep me on my toes! But they are all so cute.

One of the new drivers rode with me this afternoon and of course some of my middle schoolers had to act up. The group of them will be sitting with me for the rest of the week. The one that I wrote up has been trying to skip school already. His Mom must be on to him. She left for work before I got there this morning and he "missed" the bus but there he was at school this afternoon.

And in my neck of the woods someone has decided to put bottle bombs in mail boxes. Why would anyone do that? I hope they catch them soon.

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