Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

I understand that life is busy, that sometimes things go wrong. Yeah that accident on the highway today really sucked, it made you late. Things were crazy this morning so you forgot to send a note that your 6 year old needed to go to the sitter. You got busy doing whatever and lost track of time, happens to everybody. You were there, you just forgot to unlock the door and didn't hear your 8 year old knocking. You thought he'd be home in time, so really it's his fault. I get it, I understand. I like your child so I don't mind keeping them with me until we can connect. You need me to drive them across town, no problem. My family can wait until I'm sure your child is safe.

YOUR CHILD DID NOT UNDERSTAND! They were upset, afraid, hurt that you'd forget them. They carefully memorized your cell phone number and panicked when you did not answer when we tried to call. She screamed for her Mommy the second time you weren't there and is now afraid to get on the bus. I tell her you'll be there this time and pray that you will be. I tried to distract him as we drove around town waiting to hear from you. I wiped his tears when I got the call that no one could be reached and I had to tell him that he would have to go back to the school.

School has been open for a month now. Maybe it's time to really think about that emergency plan that I requested the second day of school. Maybe you should give me the number for a friend or relative in addition to your cell. I'm sorry that you're upset that I didn't just leave her with Mrs Smith next door but if you'd give me written authorization I'd be happy to do so next time. Have you talked to your child about what they should do if they get dropped off and no one is home? Because I know you'll understand if I get distracted and drop them at an empty house.

Thank you,
Mrs Apple

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  1. That breaks my heart. I served as the lunchlady in my kids' school for years and I am disgusted at the little regard given the folks who are taking care of their children.
    You are a kind and patient person, but you are letting something or somebody get to you...!
    It's difficult, when you feel walked on, but remember-you are doing it for the kids. They are better for you being there, imagine how they must feel.
    They come second to the mommy's job.
    Much love,