Saturday, September 30, 2006

Do Nothing Saturday

I'd love some vibrant fall color, instead this is what we have here. No reds or orange to be found.

View from the driveway. The locust trees in the background that I hate so much turn brown rather than gold. I need to find something for the front of the house to add height and try get get more three season interest. I've worked so hard this year but from the street it still looks ugly.

This is the "willow bed" that I started in August for next year. As you can see the weeds came right back and I let them get away from me. In the center section the hollyhocks are coming up but I'm not sure what else is weed and what is perennials. I pulled out the pokeweed at the far right and some other things that I knew were weeds. I think I will have a giant mess on my hands come spring.

This pokeweed is about 5 1/2 feet tall. Since it is growing in the scrubby area at the edge of the yard I'll leave it and the 8 or 10 others around for the birds. It's hard to believe that it is not a shrub or small tree as I originally thought.

The first time I saw these pines start shedding I thought for sure they were dying. I'll have plenty of pine-straw for mulch in the spring. I'm hoping that this tree survives the winter. The weight of the snow the last two seasons has severely damaged the entire left side.

The poison ivy has spread right up to the edge of the lawn. I'll have to get rid of it to make sure John and the kids don't get a rash from it. I don't seem to be as allergic to it as they are.

All over the county I've seen poison ivy turning a scarlet red. But of course mine can't be pretty, just a dull burgundy.

The golden rod is giving us some beautiful color along with runny noses. I'm not sure what type of bug was feasting on it. At first I thought it was a bee.

The freshly painted back steps and one of the two new butterfly houses.

John put up both of the butterfly houses for me earlier in the week. I'm not sure when he did it, my miserable mood kept me from noticing until yesterday.

I potted up some of the coleus to bring inside as houseplants.

This week has been one where stress got the better of me and I overloaded. Combine the stress with the cold I have (which seems determined to turn into bronchitis) and I'm not functioning well. I'm unable to concentrate or remember things. I've let Bean down twice this week, add to that the fact that I forgot SIL's birthday and she is understandably unhappy with me. I've cried at work, which I have never done before. I feel another bout with depression settling in.

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