Sunday, September 24, 2006

Garden Chores

Some of the bulbs I ordered came during the week so since we had a little break in the weather I decided I go out and get them in the ground. Annuals are growing where I plan to plant many of them and since they are still so pretty I decided to wait to pull them out.

Note to self: Buy more stakes and try to find more sturdy ones for next year.

I did plant my new Mum.

This is the Mum that I won at a garden club meeting last year that I planted then moved twice.

I didn't expect any blooms until next year.

This Hollyhock has buds, will they open before the first frost?

I also collected some seeds, weeded a little and cut some flowers to bring in. John cleaned out and organized the garage so I can get my car in. I just have to clean up all the gardening stuff out there!


  1. Gosh, I cannot wait to get my bulbs!! Where did you order yours from? Maybe mine are right behind!! I am kinda nervous because I checked the company's reputation after I spent $25....Dumb!!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your bulbs and flowers!!

  2. I agree about Hannah's picture!! I told her she looks 25, she's only 15!! So....where'd you get the bulbs??!!`

  3. I got the bulbs from Michigan Bulb. I know they've got a bad rep but so far everything from them has grown, even if it looked dead when it got here.