Saturday, September 23, 2006

Recap of My Week

I had an up and down week that centered around work. So it seems appropriate that I show you a picture of my current bus. Mine is on the left and it's twin is on the right. It's a 2000 Blue Bird IC. More info than most of you need but the things that happened at work this week that I would like to talk about I can't because of confidentially rules. So I will say that most of the week was great. The little ones are really learning the safety rules and I am quite proud of them. I have always said that the day I need an aide to ride with me will be the day I look for a new job. I will have another driver with me on Monday. I hope it is only for a day or two; I would hate to give up a career I love.

The weather has been a mixed bag this week. We're definately easing into fall. I need a warm jacket in the morning and only a teeshirt in the afternoon.

We moved kids night to Tuesday this week because I thought I would be working Thursday evening. It was Mike and Nikki's turn to be the cooks. The only food that all four of them will eat is chicken nuggets. With the girls allergies we have to be very careful in the kitchen!

After dinner they used dominoes for building.

After Alex was done building I showed him how to match up the dots to play dominoes. He slowly counted each dot and then matched them up. His counting has really improved. After counting and matching about eight of them he suddenly realized that the colors also matched up. You could almost see the lightbulb gleaming over his head! Watching them learn and discover things at this age is so much fun.

Wednesday we went to Mom's and got her laundry and shopping caught up. I didn't end up participating in the plant exchange at the garden club meeting. The speaker gave some good tips on bulbs and composting. She lost me when she started talking about worm composting. I will not be keeping worms in my kitchen but to each their own. Thursday was Beaver Lake and Friday I will still be dealing with on Monday.

My first box of bulbs came this week and I hope we get some breaks in the rain so I can get them planted. I'm taking the band to Oswego tonight.

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