Friday, September 01, 2006

Last Day at the Beach

We're heading back to Toronto later this afternoon and then driving home early tomorrow. I was able to check my email and didn't see anyhing from family so I assume all is well.

Ernesto greeted us when we arrived and we expect to see him again on the way home. Otherwise it's been sunny and hot.

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  1. Hi Charlie,
    I hope you had a great vacation! Ernesto is here with us today, making it another dreary wet day. What's new? We're so used to that now, aren't we? I hope we get some Indian summer weather before the cold sets is!
    Your datura is pretty. it's one plant I've never tried growing. You've done such a lot of work getting your gardens planted this summer...and it shows. Great job! Keep posting the pics...I love seeing what's happening in your garden.
    Hope you have a great new school year!