Friday, September 08, 2006

No Tears

Today was a good day. The weather was perfect, the harvest moon was beautiful and the kids were much better behaved. Nobody ran my reds. I ran on-time in the morning and everyone got dropped of where and when they were supposed to this afternoon. My secondary students have all turned in their emergency forms and permission slips. My copying is all done. My route sheets and secondary list will be done by Monday.

Between runs I went to Bean's and played with Sprout, who seems to be feeling much better. She showed me her new "big girl" bed. Twig is up to 15 lbs and smiling at everything.

Yesterday was better than Wednesday.

The kindergartners started yesterday and not a single tear was shed, not even by the parents, a first! Half of them seem terrified and the other half are going to keep me on my toes this year. One likes to pinch anyone within reach, one has already crawled under the seats and another talks nonstop. Four have lost their name tags already so I'm very glad that I tagged their backpacks. I seem to be communicating OK with the one that doesn't speak English.

A secondary student that I had removed from my bus 18 months ago has been given another chance, only no one told me. When he went to get on I told him that I hadn't received any paper work on him and before I could tell him that I would call in for verification, he screamed "You B*tch!" at me. I had to transport him anyway. My first discipline report for the year has been written and I explained to him that it would be my last for the year; if he gets out of line again he'll be back on the special needs bus.

At my turn around my student's toddler brother was allowed to run outside to greet them. Thank god I saw him in time, my spotter never said anything. I now have a new spotter assigned to the back seat!

Three cars blew through my reds. I think the air horn will see a lot of use this year.

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  1. You know what I notice? The folks that speed past buses and don't let them out are the same folks that speed thru school zones and they are the ones that just dropped off their kids!!
    I didn't know you had to drop kids off other than the same place every day. That's how it is here. You get off at your stop. You get on at your stop. We are rural, too, but maybe not so much as you, about 10,000 folks in this town...