Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late Blooms

Wow, this week flew right by. A week ago, when we finally arrived home, it was pouring. John pulled up as close to the path between the house and garage as he could and I sat there a moment slack jawed and gaping at the garden. Even in the downpour the garden was popping with color! The plants must have liked the cooler, wet weather; some seemed to double in size and others finally had bloomed.

This is the view I had but since it was taken the next day the colors seem duller. The dark grey skies of the day before had really enhanced the colors.

The marigolds that the kids started from seed really got going, look at all of the blooms! The datura continues to bloom and the butterfly bush has put out another round of flowers.

Several of the garden blogs have poo-pooed annuals and I guess they are certainly entitled to their opinions but I have gotten a ton of flowers for under $10 that are still going strong and giving me lots of seeds for next year. I love the perennials I have planted but I will always save room for annuals.

The zinnias continue to amaze me. Some are now over 4' tall and still have new blossoms forming. The sunflowers started while we were gone. I have since added more stakes.

This butterfly bush was supposed to be red! I ended up with two Black Knights. When I planted it, it looked like a dead twig, as a matter of fact I almost didn't plant it. I'm very glad that I gave it a chance and so are the white butterflies that visit it daily.

Speaking of butterflies I was surprised to find a huge Monarch Caterpillar happily munching away. I would have thought that they would all be on their way back to Mexico by now.

These cocks comb look a little ratty from the rain. BJ would like some for his border next year. Can anyone tell me how to harvest the seeds? Behind them you can see the bumper crop of daisies that I'll have next year. It looks like the clump that Country Girl gave me will have doubled in size. The delphiniums that I planted in the spring have just finally germinated! so I will have flowers next year after all. The toad house needs to be moved.

These little hollyhocks that I took from BJ's look great now that there aren't very many beetles around. Behind them you can see the huge hollyhock seedlings for next year. I think to two varieties will look good together.

One or two of the blanket flower plants may bloom if the 1st frost isn't too early.

The morning glories didn't quite cover the tee-pee like I thought they would. I'll try them somewhere else next year and maybe plant runner beans on the tee-pee for the kids.


  1. Never mind what the other garden blogs say, Apple! Annuals Rock!!
    I like to have an entire island bed that I can design differently every year, with annuals. It's really expensive and it kinda looks like a mall entrance, sometimes, but I love the planning and planting for the winter months!
    The perennials are there, holding up there end of the deal, but there's nothing like annuals, I agree with ya!!

  2. I have just found your site; came over from Got Serenity:

    Here is a garden website I belong to that show the seed of cockscombs, that should help you harvest their seeds. ;o)