Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Critter Food & Breakdown

Some critter feasted on some of the bulbs I planted already! Grrrrr.. No hardy glads or pink tulips in the spring :(

I had a new driver on my route this afternoon and the speedometer kept quitting. I had her restart the engine and it reset. Then it quit again. Repeat. The third time we lost all of the gauges. We were way out on a country road, a beautiful place to sit and wait for the guys to bring us another bus. A couple just up the road from where we were parked came right over to be sure we were OK and offer us the use of their phone. I love my route! (We had already radioed in for help.) This was my first breakdown in 3 years, not bad at all. The kids were good and we only ran about 15 minutes late at the end of the day.

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