Monday, October 09, 2006

Three Times in One Week!!!

Mom has left her house three times since last Thursday when we went for hair cuts. Friday she went to Country Girl's for the weekend. And today she went with me to Bean's and then came out here for lunch! This Thursday she has to go out again to get her flu shot. She hates to leave the house for anything so this is all quite unusual.

Her breathing is getting worse and I am concerned. The doctor didn't give her a specific month to come back so she doesn't have an appointment. It's been about six months so I'm hoping I can get her to go soon and that I can take her. If I don't go she doesn't bring up the breathing unless he asks and he never does. Grrrr The problem is her heart which they can't do much more about but they can adjust her inhalers or put her on oxygen to make her breathing easier.

She did manage to walk through the garden and come in the back door - just. She nearly collapsed into the chair just inside the kitchen door. She was quite impressed with my zinnias once she had looked them over good to be sure that that was what they actually were. lol When I told her they were 4' tall she was sure I was exaggerating. We had a nice visit and she enjoyed lunch; I actually cooked.

Yesterday I got the rest of the bulbs planted. Now I just have to hope that the critters don't eat them. I added some small gravel around the ones that weren't supposed to be planted too deep. Something large has dug a hole under the stump out front but I have no idea what. We think something else has moved in under the house and possibly into the living-room wall. John will have to crawl under there and put out poison sometime this week. Better him than me - it's scary under there.

Back too work in the morning. Another of the aides asked for a ride to work. I feel like I drive a taxi every morning as a warm-up to driving the bus. I'll have a new driver with me for a day or two. With things back to normal I'm looking forward to work again!


  1. My mother in law has emphysema. We caught her smoking and now she is drinking. I cannot imagine how scared she must be, not being able to breathe. She was a very active and busy woman until she got this...
    I hope you get rid of your visitor!!

  2. That's great that your mom is getting out a bit. Breathing problems are the pits. My hubby knows all about that. He has farmer's lung. Don't know if I've told you that before.
    I hope your visitor isn't a skunk! Tell your hubby to be careful!