Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I wasn't able to log into NewspaperArchive, which I was being billed for every month, so I called up to get things straightened out. The woman I talked to was very helpful but couldn’t figure out what the problem was so she had to set me up with a new account. I ended up switching to an annual subscription that lets me see all of the papers they have instead of just the Syracuse papers that I originally had. Getting all of the papers cost $2 less a month since I paid for the year up front.

I’ve been a bit obsessed now that I can hunt nationwide! Here is one of the articles that I dug up that I got a chuckle out of, although no one was laughing at the time.

Gazette And Bulletin, Williamsport, PA, 1915-09-20, pg 8


And One Sent to Jail as Result of Sunday Fight

A fight which occurred on Laurel St, near Front St, yesterday afternoon at about 3:45 o’clock, resulted in two Italian women going to the Williamsport Hospital, and another going to the county jail, to await a further hearing today before Alderman James I. Paul. As a result of the same fight Carmen Cillo was shot at by Joseph Taddeo, but was not hit. Cillo surrendered to police late last night and will be given a hearing this morning. At a late hour Taddeo had not been captured. The women in the hospital are Mrs. Carmen Cillo and Mrs. Joseph Taddeo, both of whom sustained minor scalp wounds of a minor nature. Their condition last night was reported as being good. Mrs. Joseph Cioffi was lodged in the county jail to await a further hearing. Mrs. Christina Cillo also sustained numerous bruises about the body as the result of being struck during the fight.

An Old Feud
Owing to the difficulties attending upon translation, the affair is still somewhat obscure. It seems there had been among the members of the several families involved, a fight of over a year’s standing. Yesterday afternoon trouble began in earnest and soon the women were engaged in personal hostilities. Rocks and broomsticks and other sticks were freely used, with some results and much loss of blood. In the fracas Carman Cillo and Joseph Taddeo went to the help of their respective wives, with the result that they themselves received a number of blows. Witnesses report that Taddeo secured a revolver from his home and that when Cillo saw this, he ran. Taddeo ran after him and opened fire, discharging the revolver twice.

In Line of Fire
At the time of the fight Officer Eugene Teed was standing near the Philadelphia & Reading station. He heard the noise of the fight and at once ran toward the scene of the conflict. Arrived there he was just in time to see Taddeo shoot at Cillo. Being in line of fire Officer Teed leaped to one side. By this time Taddeo saw the officer and ran. Teed chased him several blocks and gave up the chase. By this time Cillo had also disappeared. The injured women were removed to the Williamsport hospital, where it was found they were suffering from small scalp wounds, the loss of blood making these appear at first much worse than they really were. Guivanne Mozzarill proved a very reliable witness for the commonwealth and will appear today at the hearing.

I'm not sure how all of these folks fit into the family tree but given the names and location I'm certain they were distant relatives.

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