Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mrs Meany

My elementary students have been too loud and I’ve been on the PA everyday trying to get them to use their quiet voices. Yesterday I had had a very trying secondary run and was in no mood to put up with anything, so when the elementary kids got too loud I pulled over and declared a no talking day. They were not happy campers. I overheard one whisper “Mrs Apple is soooo mean!”

This morning when I parked at school I got up and told them that I hate no talking nights and while I was talking I kept raising my voice until I’m sure they heard me in the school. They seemed to get the point. I went to say that I just felt silly having to keep getting on the PA and reminding them. When I was done they were all sitting quietly in their seats so I went back to mine. As I looked up in the mirror the whole back half of the bus rose and YELLED “Happy Bus Driver Day!” I didn’t know the school had declared a bus driver day! One of the 5th graders had drawn a picture for me. On the side of the bus instead of the district name he’d written – The Kool Bus. It's hanging on the right side of the dash for everyone to see. I think they’ll get candy instead of stickers this week :~)

I have one boy on my secondary run that wants to get kicked off. He is working very hard to achieve his goal. He said things he shouldn’t have, threw things and mugged for the camera. I spent my break this morning reviewing the tape with my boss. I believe he will get his wish.


  1. takes a certain kind of person to be a bus driver. hats off to you!

  2. You ol'meany :)
    How lovely that the kids did that for you. Nice to know they appreciate you, isn't it?
    I love that sweet profile photo :)
    It's been fun catching up with you Apple.
    I'll try not to be a stranger. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the blog reading!

  3. Well, Happy Bus Driver's Day!!