Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's an Addiction!

I have several different genealogy projects going on. The first is to compile a record of all of the descendants of David & Lettis Carlisle. They emigrated from Ireland (or Scotland) to Massachusetts sometime in the 1720's or 1730's. They had eight children but only three reached adulthood. They eventually ended up in Walpole, NH were he was best remembered for bring with him an under-bed of charlock (wild mustard) that made his neighbors quite unhappy. This file currently runs 260 pages with notes and source info.
My Mom with her Dad, early 1940's

Another project I have, an off shoot of the Carlisle project, is the westward migration of family members following the Revolutionary War, particularly those that passed through Ontario Co, NY. The speed of this migration is amazing. I am fascinated with why they moved, where they stopped along the way and who they chose to travel with. How did they travel, how did they dress and what did they carry with them? I often end up with people in my file that interest me because they traveled with relatives only to find out later that they, too, were in fact distant (sometimes very distant) relatives.
Carlisle & Camfield Families abt 1910

Then there is my paternal side. Researching in Canada is a bit more of a challenge for me. The file is growing and I've learned quite a bit about Canadian history that I otherwise would have missed out on.
Kim Berry (r) with a friend abt 1920

Then there is John's genealogy, which he has no interest in. But that's OK, maybe one of the grandchildren will.
A rare picture of me with John and Nikki at her nursery school graduation, 2005

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  1. It sounds like a fascinating addiction! The must keep you busy for many hours.
    How nice to see a picture of you and John :)
    Nikki is a little cutie.
    I sure did enjoy that sunshine and the 60ยบ temps yesterday. What a nice change from all the wet, windy and cold weather we've been having lately (seems like forever)!