Saturday, October 28, 2006

Car Seat Safety Check

John and I took our three car seats up to the Oswego bus garage this morning. This time I had all four kids height and weight. All three of ours passed. They told us that one we've been using for Alex should no longer be used as a car seat but it switches to a booster seat so we can use it that way. We can leave the straps in in case John ever has to pick up Liz. Same with car seat in my car, we can use it for both kids. Mike should still sit in a booster, even though he's eight (based on his size), so my car is set but we'll have to look to pick up another booster for John's car.

I got out the owners manual for my car to see if we can turn off the air bag in front. We can't, so we'll have to take both cars if we want to take more than three kids anyplace. I did learn that I have an adjuster on the shoulder harnesses in my back seat for the kids. I've had this car four years and never noticed that they were there, they are quite well hidden.

Jae took the girls and all four of their seats, two identical sets. Three failed and were replaced. The booster failed in one car but not the other. The car seat that failed was replaced with two different seats because the two cars are designed differently. Go figure.

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