Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Basketball Trip

I took the VB basketball team to Syracuse yesterday evening for a scrimmage. After I dropped the boys off I ate my dinner, made a couple of calls and caught up on some paper work. Then I headed inside, figuring warm-ups would be over and the game would be about to start.

I've been to many basketball games over the years but never a scrimmage. They were already playing hard and there were only four minutes left on clock. I had visions of being home by bedtime! I was quite confused when there was a stoppage of play and the opposing coach walked out on the court and made his team run a drill while our boys just stood by and waited. Next trip down the floor it was our coach out there moving players around and coaching - you needed to be here and you needed to move this way. This continued off and on throughout the game. All the boys got to play and I enjoyed watching one of "my" kids run the floor.

They ended up playing 7 or 8 "quarters" so we didn't get back to school until 10. Coach thought they got a lot out of it. I enjoyed seeing the coaching and watching the kids that were playing their hearts out trying to get a starting spot. It made me think of this post of Brian's. Too bad coach can't start all of them!

Weather update: I got to dig out my sunglasses for a while this afternoon! We did have a few flurries this morning though, so the we're still waiting for a dry day.


  1. Apple,
    You guessed my location right in the Where Am I thing on my blog!! Congrats!! I just did a post about this here:
    Great work!!
    Bob Brinkmann

  2. Apple,
    I would estimate I have been at hundreds of Basketball games, both as a spectator and a participant and I have never seen a coach call time out and make his team stop and run a drill. I would consider that to be inconsiderate and impolite!

  3. Apple, I love the pictures of the snow. None here yet!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!