Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Memory Problems

I never seem to get Birthday cards out on time. John's aunt turned 90 last week. I hope I get a card out to her before she's 91.

I got the garden club newsletter done today but for the last month I've forgotten to buy envelopes so they won't go out until tomorrow. Hopefully I'll remember to send the email version at the same time.

I misplaced the new email addresses for the newsletter and spent a half hour looking for them.

I ran into an old student at the gas station. We had a nice chat, he's working at the same place as my sons. I can remember having him on the bus years ago. I can remember his address. I'll be dipped if I can remember his name.

I couldn't remember how to get to the town hall so I had to get directions from John. I got there fine and cast my ballot.

1 comment:

  1. You know what's funny? I can remember people by their order. Scotch on the rocks, Miller Draft, and so on. I never remember their names, either!